1. Wouldn’t it be easy, if a mistake, an error was commited or a wrong comment or unfair words were adressed to someone you love , to press on a back space key and erase everything and start all over again , only this time , it would come from our faithful heart, just like an animal companion patiently waits for you no matter how long he misses you, just to greet you with all the joy he can express..

  2. I like the idea of a blog with 2 photos of 2 different photographers put toghether 🙂 It’s something very original
    Now I take some moment to see your photos, and if you like, you can watch mine!

  3. I am in love with all your work, both of you! They are what I wish to accomplish someday! Beauty and elegance!

  4. love all your photos they so much speak a thousand meanings in every way one would like to interpret it.

    • Thanks again Lya, this is what we like about this project. Everyone can find a different meaning to our combination. C.

  5. The way you create your diptychs, fastened together from two seemingly distinct images with the use of one apt word, is amazing. Every single one is a real treat. And they do tell stories… Great.

  6. This pair speaks to me, a melancholy mood, and I’m not sure why that is! Something about the dog’s yearning anticipation, and the decline of the old keyboard, and old fashioned cloth it is on…

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